Comment to 'Men's Fiction'
Comment to Men's Fiction
  • The terms ‘women’s fiction’ annoys me because it implies that women’s issues and experience are only of interest and important to women, but there is no terms ‘men’s fiction’ because when men write about those things and men’s issues, it’s suddenly an universal truth to be read by all.

    For example, a man write about a middle-age men struggling with a midlife crisis and his place in society and it’s a defining contemporary novel about the universal truth of our inner struggle. The woman does the same and it’s women’s fiction.

    But that’s just me. 

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    • Spot on, Rick.

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      • A disservice to men and other genders too, I think. Creating categories to slot readers/writers into may make life easier for agents, publishers, marketers, retailers  etc. but they are subconsciously (or consciously?) steering and limiting readers' wider experiences.  

        There's a dire need for changing attitudes and redefining how we perceive people and their tastes. Even in the supposedly free world of self-publishing, categories have to be adhered to, to attract the right readers with the right mindset, which has possibly been shaped by the overarching attitudes to what is male or female or other fiction.

        Just my personal observation. I'm not sure I know what the answer is. 

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        • If I could like your comment more than once, L, I would! This is exactly my problem with the term. 

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