Comment to 'Men's Fiction'
Comment to Men's Fiction
  • It can include romance but doesn't have to. And if the story includes a love affair, the main plot of the book can be about something else. 

    I see 'Romance' as a genre with a capital R coming under the wider category of women's fiction. I'm sure, though, there must be exceptions. If you've got romances like Jane Eyre under general or classic fiction you've got classification anomalies and confusion can set in. 

    So, yes, generally better to think of it all as contemporary fiction or, in the case of Jane Eyre, not-contemporary fiction.

    Rick rightly mentions marketing. Cover designers need to know the market the book is aimed at. If we got rid of categories would cover design, for example, do categorisation in some kind of better way? I don't know, and I'm getting far out of my knowledge zone here 🙂

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    • There can be crossover and women’s fiction can include a romantic element, however I don’t see romance as a sub-section of women’s fiction.

      First women’s fiction is supposed to be written by women and plenty of romance are written by men. Also women’s fiction are about women’s experience but again plenty of romance nowadays are dual POV’s so as much about the man’s experience as the women. And there are also romance where both main protagonists are men so no women’s experience there. 

      I also think that lumping romance under women’s fiction runs the risk of reinforcing gender stereotypes that romance is for women and by default thriller and action are for men, which of course isn’t true.

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