Comment to 'Men's Fiction'
Comment to Men's Fiction
  • I cut myself off in my prime! I think I'd prefer novels to be categorised by type of story rather than by type of reader. War stories, dystopian stories, love stories, etc. 

    I totally agree with you, Libby. I would prefer to browse a book shop with subject categories in mind (though it make hard work for the bookseller especially with cross genre novels). One of my most favourite books ever is a war story written by a man. If it had been in a 'Men's' section, I might have walked straight past and missed out on a brilliant book. Perversely, even though my novel would, according to agents, fit into the 'women's fiction' category, I would probably walk past that section too.

     But I guess we are stuck with what we have - it makes life easier for publishers/self publishers to market to the 'right' readers (whoever they maybe). 

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