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  • What genres of book will be chosen?  I like the idea of this but feel I'll rule myself out of most of the books by being an old bag with a dislike of 4-letter worded novels and those written in the present tense.

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    • Hi Blakeney, I do understand your point. I'm also very picky and sometimes struggle to finish some of the so called "bestsellers". However... it's always interesting to see what others have to say but I may have to keep my comments to myself, if the author is going to be around... LOL

      I'm prepared to give any novel a go, even if I don't progress much further than the 1st chapter. It's important to read work outside our prefered genres.

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      • Yes, it's interesting to know what others think and it could also be fascinating to have the author's answers to questions. 

        Don't be afraid to express your opinions if the author is present!  You are entitled to them and, who knows, you might bring out something that hasn't even occurred to that person and you don't have to be offensive about it.  (I'm sure you wouldn't be).  Anyway, it will probably be possible just to eavesdrop.

        I've decided to give it a whirl.

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        • Hi Blakeney, D. M. Costa and Rick Yagodich. Without giving anything away before our first author reveal (which will be in the group!), I will be choosing the books every month, with a focus on debut authors but not limited to that. I'll be putting up a poll in the group for genres so that the meetings are varied (I run my own book club where I do the same)! This is a new initiative where we'll be reading novels as opposed to the previous book club with writing-based books, as I felt that they were more self-explanatory and there would be more to discuss if we did meetings based on novels. 

          I hope that answers some of your questions! If you would like to join the group anyway just to find out more (even if you then decide you don't want to attend), then that's also fine!

          Emily x 

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