Comment to 'Does this come across as racist? Or, as it is intended, as an explanation of a misunderstanding?'
  • Thanks Jimmy, that is really helpful. I did want to show that Cat was not a bad person but did indeed have in the ingrained assumptions of the time. She has a learning period to go through, not least because in Book Five of the series her daughter by then a mother herself divorces her husband and marries Anthony.

     Interesting what you say about labels… viz ‘hey you know the gay guy who works in the clinic’ or ‘the black woman who lives three doors down’. These days it strikes an odd note but in the past it used to be taken for granted that people were described by their skin colour or sexuality. I think that is because we have become much more sensitive to how we treat others and that is a good thing but it is also interesting how frightening it is to discuss the subject.

    Good that you also discuss anxiety producing problems, it is worth it but it can be very difficult to get right. I have just been reading Burnt Shadows and Kamila deals brilliantly with very sensitive issues.

    Thank you.

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