Comment to 'Does this come across as racist? Or, as it is intended, as an explanation of a misunderstanding?'
  • Hi Georgina, you have already had a mass of comment and advice, so just one thought from me. it's tricky to find the balance between showing a character as racist and being accused of being a racist writer. its a very sensitive area.

    i wonder if the probelm here is the description of Anthony? Cat's reaction would be the same, very likely, if Anthony was white, but still 'enourmous' and still with a large dog. But if he was black, but a bit shorter than her, and carrying a cat basket (no pun intended) then her reaction is over the top and can be seen as racist. 

    Would a woman alone in a dark park be terrified by any man approaching her? if you tone down the stereotypical description, that might sharpen the focus on her response, then you could give her generic panic thoughts, or race-based assumptions, to suit your purpose with this scene.

    i hope this helps

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    • Thank you. After a few of the comments here I think I’m going to loose the dog, who doesn’t seem to add anyone anyway but I hadn’t yet considered a cat, perhaps on a lead!

      You are right about the frighteningness of any approaching man or groups of men. If I see a couple approaching and then realize women are there i immediately feel it will be safe. That this is in fact wrong we know from seeing many of the stabbing incidents. So yes stereotypes still have their sway.

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