Comment to 'Introduction to Characters - Trilogy- Triple Edge'
  • Yes, a glossary — and perhaps a timeline and a map — very helpful when a story gets more complex.

    Having just read your two docs above, I'd say as a reader, I'd prefer the notes in brackets to be in a glossary — perhaps with some details in the story itself where appropriate.

    Very well written, great story! Congratulations!! I don't think your plot is too complex for it to work. There seem to be enough threads to weave the individual stories in and out of each other.

    I love Scrivener but haven't used their 'character builder templates'. Are you recommending them, Roger. Not sure I understood your comment correctly...

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    • Veronika! Many thanks for the encouragement. With respect to Scrivener and character templates, the point I was trying to make is that one should ideally make the effort of going through the Jericho 'ultimate character builder' process. I thought I knew my characters very well but having now used the Jericho method, I believe I have enriched my understanding and intimacy of their personality, concerns, habits, fears etc. The process takes time but I highly recommend trying it out. I have then attached the descriptions as PDF files to the Scrivener templates so that everything is in the same place. Have a great day. Roger

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