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  • You obviously have an incredible historical understanding of the period. I agree that a glossary would help. I wanted clarification on this sentence:

    "I introduced a selection industrial complex bosses to the ideas during their study visits. "

    I felt the cold as I read it. Powerful

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    • Roger, I haven't read any of the documents you've included above. However, this last post touches on a subject I've become somewhat familiar with from the other side: background/historical information that you need to convey in your work, to satisfy two audiences. These audiences are those who are as intimately familiar with the setting as you are, and those who haven't a clue. One needs to be shown that you truly know your stuff while the other needs to be engaged with the story, and the complex subtleties, without being info-dumped upon.

      I can't tell you how this is done; only point to someone who does an exquisite job of it, writing historically-derived secondary-world fantasy: Guy Gavriel Kay. Maybe something of the technique of capturing the escence of this deep knowledge - which you have, and the reader needs to appreciate, if not understand the full complexity of - can be learned by reading some of his works.

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      • Thanks very much for your comments. They reflect some of the feedback I've had from earlier drafts; namely an assumption that readers will be aware of the events leading up to the ending f the Cold War, Perestroika, Glasnost etc. Somehow, I want to bring through the amnesia or total lack of knowledge of what happened; and, above all, that it was not such a clear case of winners and losers. I'll take your advice concerning  Guy Gavriel Kay. Thanks again for taking the time to comment. Very useful. 

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        • Wow Roger! I think some of that exposition could go into the description in your novel. You are like reading an interesting history book with a plot :) I can feel the passion in your writing, even in your response. Thanks for the explanation.



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