Comment to 'Introduction to Characters - Trilogy- Triple Edge'
  • I love the title.

    But I too feel confused by so many characters right away. I would like to get more under the skin of Pavlov to begin with, spend a little more time filling him out.

    A few minor grammar issues:

    "entered the three-storey block removed his Ushanka-hat and knocked it against the bare damp wall of the stairwell and quickly climbed the six flights of stairs." one of the ands should go and a comma replace it....

    "Perestroika had polarised the country; the hardliners were wanting a return to what they viewed as the glorious years of Communism; those who saw opportunities for themselves; and others who prioritised the interests of Russia, the Motherland." Here the semicolons should be commas, I think.

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    • Many thanks. All of the comments are really helpful, and many pointed to the inner fears I have had over the past couple of months and especially after joining Jericho. A lot of work to be done on the 1600+ pages!!! Thanks again.

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