Comment to 'Beta reader for science fiction'
  • Thanks for the feedback.  I have the file open now and I am reviewing it.  Not sure what happened with the fonts.  I am assuming that is the Chapter numbers and fonts.   I had to change those to make it look different when I converted to an e-pub format. 

    Since I posted this copy I had some other feedback and I have changed a few things around, nothing substantial but the demur to demeanor has been pointed out and is kind of embarrassing.

    Thanks for your positive comments.  If there is something you would like reviewed please let me know. I am happy to reciprocate.

    To answer some of your questions.  

    1. The Clerk is a throw-away.  You never meet him again.  
    2. The son is a very important character.
    3. The programmer has made an error that is central to the story.  She comes up again.  everything you mention is right bang on, so at least I am portraying the correct mood.
    4. Jay is a central character along with the son and Tee.  You say I may have too much info on how Tee becomes mobile and saves Jay.  I will look into that.  Gives me something to think about

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