Comment to 'Beta reader for science fiction'
  • I've got an entire book written.  Looking for feedback on it.   I didn't think it would be so hard to find people to read it but most of my family have graciously bowed out from reading it.   Freinds smile and nod when I mention my writing.  Sigh...

    I am assuming if you are on chapter 1 of your book you are still looking for a direction to take it.  Good luck.

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    • Friends and family wouldn’t be much help (unless they’re writers or editors themselves). So, you’re not missing out in that realm.

      There’s a forum called Critique Circle where you give and receive critique. The critique is pretty detailed. It operates on a points system so as you give critique, you receive points and can post your work for critique. The points system is a way to keep the whole system rolling. I see people adding a chapter at a time of their work. 

      Lots of editors and practicing writers are on there. That might be something to look into. 

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      • I just joined today and already did one critique

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