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  • Hi Rose and welcome to Jericho! You couldn't find a friendly, more helpful group of writers so you're in the right place here. The feedback and guidance is just amazing 😊.

    What's your academic discipline and what's your fiction genre? I studied history and art history and though I write a lot of speculative fiction, it often has a historical slant (bit of time travel/period setting) so the two have gone together nicely. 


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    • Hi Lynn

      When I was lecturing my subject areas were varied over the years: Social Sciences. But that was years ago. Moved into education for PhD achieved 4 years ago in my 50s!!  Your genre sounds interesting. I am still finding mine. The move from academic writing to creative writing is an interesting one. I posted my first short story on the FL Creative writing course recently and it was suggested the story was dipping into the world of horror! That surprised me. Tweaking it at moment and will pluck up courage to post on JW. Happy to read your work at some point.

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