Comment to 'Presentation of cover.'
  • Hi Rob. A qualified vote for number 2 from me too.

    The only caveat I would make (from an illustration/graphic design perspective) is that the teaser is very cramped and placed too far towards the bottom of the cover relative to the rest - just as if it's been added at the last minute (😉 ). The font-size and leading of the teaser type and the placements of the other textual elements in the design need adjusting if you go with this one.

    The other thought I had is about the presence of the sub-title in both versions. This (to me) tends to suggest that the book is one of a series - with the main title and subtitle representing the name of the series and the name of the individual book within that series. I don't know if this is the case here?

    The book/series names can be either way round it seems, e.g. 'The Lord of the Rings (series): The Two Towers (book)' or 'The Gate of Ivrel (book): The Morgaine Saga (series)'.

    Looking forward to seeing what the ancient Greek gods' interest in Scottish history is, and how it ties into current Washington! Sounds fascinating!

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    • Thanks, John. It was originally titled The Dark Soul, as you can see. A search on Amazon for that name revealed many uses of the title. Hence, I decided to make the sub the main title, Clash of Gods, for which little showed up. Yes, it is first in series with the second already written, but not edited. It will be titled, CLASH OF GODS with a sub, AEGIS. That's the plan at least.

      Agree with you about the teaser looking a bit scrunched. Did the cover grab your eye? That's the most important thing.

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      • Good choice on the 'Clash of Gods' for the series title.

        The cover grabbed my eye to an extent, although I suspect that if I'd been scanning through a selection of books on Amazon or on a shelf I'd have placed it in the 'contemporary thriller' rather than the 'fantasy' genre - mainly because of the Capitol building. Nothing wrong with that. In fact, it might be a good thing if it differentiates it from more 'medieval' style fantasy, since ,from your description, it's a mix of both!

        If I may be brutally honest, though, while there's nothing bad about it... truthfully I think it's a workmanlike cover rather than truly eye-catching.

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