Comment to 'Presentation of cover.'
  • Rick, once again, thank you for your comments, appreciated. I could not have worked any harder than I have over the last two months. My twists and connections are great (too me), unique (too me), and not like anything I've read related to Greek and Norse mythology (this is correct-to me). Totally new. That won't make it sell, but I loved writing it. 

    Re the Greeks and Romans, the reason they are so big in literature is because they (Greeks in particular) wrote the book on it, didn't they. The greatest stories ever written, and as strong today as ever. Protagonists the like of which we've not seen since. Achilles, Heracles, King Leonidis, Odysseus, and so on and so on. Imperfect to a man, failures galore, and yet, loyal to their gods, mostly.

    Yes, they are the first-line fallback, and for good reason - they never fade from memory. It's similar with the Scots. A romantic history loved by many readers, but still, protagonists with many faults. Rob McGregor, Wallace?, Robert Bruce (for Pete's sake), the bonnie Prince, and the Argyles. Heros for sure, but men with enormouse failings. As were the Greeks, and god don't we love them for it. Perhaps modern day writers could learn from the old writers and make their heros less perfect.

    Anyway, it is those who must sell the book who are most important at this stage. I'me done with it, but confident it's flaws won't worry the average lovers of a good yarn.

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