Comment to 'Even more incentive to get the back cover blurb right!'
  • That's a very good point you are making, Jon. Times a' changing... for sure!

    I think the artwork and blurb will not change much, but the way we view them might. I'm thinking digital. We already have the "Look Inside" facility on amazon. In the very near future we may have to browse books digitally, before we order them from the bookshop counter. This in turn may lead to potential buyers not visiting bookshops. Why bother?

    But I'd miss it. I'm feeling bereaved already... As a consumate bookshop browser, whenever I find myself waiting for a train or plane, I always look around for a bookshop, or a WHSmith if nothing better is in place. Browsing books takes me to a land of possibilities, of other wordly people & places. You don't find that in the dutty-free.

    Bookshops will live on, but they might become the rarer experience and we'll be all the poorer  for it.

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