Comment to 'Procrastination'
Comment to Procrastination
  • Hi Danny.

    I have harped on this subject before. Editing is a lot easier if you write, let's say a chapter at a time, in  or a similar tool. It won't correct description issues or lack of character development, but it will ensure you have a clean document re grammer, punctuation, sticky sentences, passive writing, repeats, diction, cliches and much other stuff. When you finish your writing, just export to word, format as you wish, then start your editing. Soooo much easy to see issues when your document is already clean.

    If you wish, write 500 words, export, then another 500. If you do this, the service is free. I can't describe how much it has helped me. 

    Once you finish, say 3000 words for the first chapter, then sit and read the whole thing. You will be surprised how easy it as and many of your issues will disappear.

    I created a file for you with a screenprint of what Prowritingaid said about the blurb I wrote and you guys helped me with. The aid made four suggests, all of which I accepted as improving the text.

    I hope this helps, Rob

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    • Thanks Robert I'll certainly give this a try.

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      • I've recently purchased this. It really works for me. As you say, it doesn't help with the heart and soul of the story but saves time and brainpower on the technicalities.

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