Comment to 'Research - How far should we go?'
  • It is nice to see how others go through work.

    I, myself, at the moment feel somewhat stuck in research. I started to write and then stopped because of the magic I put in the book. Like how would the world be different if there is teleportation? One of the "magics" I put in my book. And I put several of them.

    How the production, the distribution, the information, the communication, the meeting of any needs are done if there is teleportation? What professions there are? How are they called?

    So, I still make some notes on my book, write some pieces with characters, relationships, settings, backstories. But mostly I am stuck studying on how a thing or another is or could be done if there is a certain or another magic. I am stuck on building a socio-economic model for my book.

    It takes a lot of time and effort, but I can not go on without it. I strongly believe that I have to do it in order to write a book that is worth reading...

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    • Thank you! These are really good ideas!

      I have a similar thought. That is why I spend now a lot of time researching science. I thought I would give magic some limitations that are science based. Well... as much as would be able to. 😁

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      • Thank you so much! It is really helpful! I will definitely look it up!

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        • Thank you! I will definitely look it up!

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