Comment to 'Research - How far should we go?'
  • I think you'll find that there are many African folklore stories, You should find a picture when it is in full bloom. 

    There is a story behind this particular photograph. We had been attending a regional exchange of experience workshop concerning engaging and empowering communities based on the methodology I had developed in South Africa. I don't want to appear to be boasting, but the young woman in the photograph(from Soweto)  was my assistant at the time. She had absorbed with enthusiasm the work I was doing and, in reality, took over many of my responsibilities, especially during the two-weeks/month that I was in Europe. When she saw the tree, she asked me to take the photograph stating "Roger I want this photo. You have helped me grow so much'. She later left her safe job in Government to continue what I had started. We still remain in contact and follows the progress of my daughter (budding actress) and my son. 

    She had told me of her story, father in the military arm of the ANC, mother part of the "peaceful movement". More importantly, the use of traditional concoctions to main or kill. A character based on her plays a small part in my novel. 

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