Comment to 'Fear of Failure'
Comment to Fear of Failure
  • Hard not to feel like this sometimes. We all do, I think, especially after knock backs and rejections. It's a hard thing, putting yourself out there, knowing you're more likely to get a rejection than an acceptance. I can't be the only one with WAY more noes than yeses under my belt.


    I love writing, I'm improving thanks to JW and fellow writers. And the successes I do have spur me on, tell me I may not be a genius at this writing thing, but I'm better than many. They give me hope.

    Have you had a lot of rejections or are you at the start of your subbing journey?

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    • Thank you Lynn! I'm at the very start of my subbing journey, so there's no cause for me to give up yet, but I'm finding it daunting, especially as I've spent years working on my book.
      I am so glad that I found JW, it seems to be a brilliant community and I'm sure it will help me cling onto some confidence!

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      • I know how you feel. I'm not that experienced in agent rejection compared to many - I've only had about a dozen rejections over two books so far. I have writer friends whose rejections run into the hundreds. All I can say is to make it easier on yourself, only send out when you're really ready. You'll think you're ready, then go polish your subbing package some more. I've sent out material that wasn't as good as it could be and it was, of course, rejected. With this latest novel I've rewritten and rewritten, been very careful about supporting material (cover letter, synopsis) and I've had two very positive, helpful rejections and a full request. Good luck with it all - you're in the right place to succeed.

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