Comment to 'Fear of Failure'
Comment to Fear of Failure
  • Hi Lynn,

    I fully understand your feelings/frustrations. I don’t want to appear an Alan Sugar from the Apprentice. But everything is possible. As Donna has mentioned, there is a fear of being successful. Still, on the other hand, I firmly believe that everything is possible if one applies oneself. But, with writing, it has been difficult. This is despite many years, of working with people to encourage them to shape their futures and realise their dreams. You will see from my LinkedIn profile that I have a very diversified background. 

    I think it comes back to why we write. Mine is a passion. Success? Don’t know if that is essential. For those who have seen my first drafts, they’ve suggested serialising on the internet. Despite all the optimism, there are periods when I can really feel down. Am I being too ambitious, complicated story, ignoring the advice of the on-line courses? I think one has to follow one’s anima and raison d’etre for writing, Then if the measure of success is being published, fine. Otherwise, absorb the joy of having written something that has given (hopefully) so much enjoyment.  

    I am convinced that through enjoyment/passion/determination, one will eventually achieve the ambition of being published

    I hope this has not been too long-winded! The basic message is to believe in yourself. 

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    • And remember, despite everything, life is beautiful. And you have chosen something creative that can contribute to the enjoyment of others. Whatever your genre. 

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      • Thanks for this comment, Robert - you really highlight why we're all here; it's the passion for writing. I hadn't thought about my ideas of 'failure' in that way before. You're absolutely right in that if nobody ever publishes my work, that's fine - it will have kept me happy and entertained, which is all one can wish for in life. 

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