Comment to 'Fear of Failure'
Comment to Fear of Failure
  • Really well said, Jon. And Stephen, don't forget about the online business. More money is being made there than Trad. Even if it is not about the money, if your book is half decent, and your blurb and ads are good, people will read your book. However, if it is good and sales in numbers follow, you have the world start to open up for you. It may be that agents come to your door. Queries to agents is a depressing exercise for the best writers. Their judgement is irrelevant online. Your structures may not be perfect and other things may not be, but it is the story that counts and as long as it hums along and is easy to read you will get sales. Take control of your own destiny. Sure, send it to agents, but keep writing. When you have had a gut full of rejections, without any reasons of substance, see it for what it is and do your own thing. Don't forget, 12 or so of these experts knocked back Harry Potter. Do not let their rejections hurt you.

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