Comment to 'Feedback request - Contemporary Fantasy opening chapters'
  • Hi Lynn

    My comments are from a reader's POV, I’m still very much learning the writing craft.

    I was transfixed from the first line, which is great by the way. Loved the Neil/Caro relationship, very realistic. I was a bit confused at first by the ghost light thing but that’s probably just me and I picked it up later. 

    Great concept, story, writing, really well done. 

    I cannot believe the agent hasn’t got back to you. What about self pub? From what I read, series are the way to crack that particular nut. Wonder whether you could develop a series of books with Neil investigating various deaths? I think that would be mega popular.

    So enjoyed this. Would happily read more. K.

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    • Thank you so much for the encouragement, Karen! Really glad you liked the opening and felt it has 'legs'. I have thought of making it a series, taking Neil and his ragged group forward into becoming an informal investigative team, always with the aim of tracking down what happens to a family member (something that happens at the end of this book). I hadn't thought to self pub, just because I know how much effort it takes to make a success of things and marketing doesn't really interest me. I'll see.

      Meanwhile, I'm writing an unrelated supernatural novel.

      Thanks again for reading and the brilliant feedback

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      • I love the idea of Neil's investigation team (watch out Ghostbusters); that concept most definitely has legs. I know what you mean about self pub being a big ask in terms of marketing, but I am beginning to consider giving it a whirl. Don't know much about supernatural genre but had a bit of a lightbulb for a ghost story while I was away last couple of days so def need to find out more. Always up for reading more of your work. K.

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        • Thanks so much for the offer and is you have a supernatural short story that needs a beta, just message me - I love reading and writing ghost stories 

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