Comment to 'Feedback request - Contemporary Fantasy opening chapters'
  • Hey just gave it a read! Great stuff, would definitely read on! :-)

    Only comments I would make would be the first chapter I felt had a bit too much going on and was not focused enough on the main narrative journey. The second chapter however I thought was great so maybe shorten the first chapter and like has been previously said cut to the chase a bit quicker so that people can get into the narrative journey the character will be embarking on from the beginning.

    But definitely great stuff, can see why an agent would have requested to have a full read! Fingers crossed you get an agent to take it up! :-)

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    • Thanks so much for the recommendation, Laure! They were both so lovely and helpful, put me at ease, even answered a couple of writerly questions during the session. I'd recommend them to anyone. 

      It's given me the push I needed to seek advice on here for the opening and as you can see, that advice and feedback has been fantastic. Revising at the moment.

      Thank you again for your generous help and advice and best of luck with The Downfall

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      • Thanks for the info! Really appreciate it, and definitely makes sense, seems a really good way to get some practice in with the plus side being you may actually get taken up by the agent! :-)

        And thanks fingers crossed it goes well! :-)

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        • Thanks and no problem!

          I can see you got loads of helpful feedback. Let me know how you get on with your meeting. 

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