Comment to 'New to Planning'
Comment to New to Planning
  • I agree with Heather, everyone is different and there's no right way to do it. In addition, taking breaks is necessary. You can do a character worksheet before or after it depends on you, I personally prefer after, because when i write, I'm just having fun. No over thinking, no over analysing and certainly no editing as I write. It's important to remember why we write, we write because we love it, because we're passionate about the magic of story telling, and wanting to do everything right and perfect can make you forget. So you can allow yourself to not worry about all that and write when you've got your story/plot down. On the other hand, when telling a story it's important how you tell it, so someone may be mortified by what I've previously said (“no editing as you write? Really?”) so it all just depends on what works for you, don't overwhelm yourself, there really is no right way. So to answer your question, I don't do character worksheets till I'm editing, but do what works for you

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