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  • This place looks like a winner. A recent workshop I attended used a structured process. Each day we critiqued one writer's work, also less than 3000 words. I like to work with shorter pieces. It fits my scheduling, and I can look at more samples. I'm not suggesting this group use this format, but I'll be using something like it when I critique an offering. It allows me to maintain objectivity while offering authentic observations about a writer's work.

    1) the author remained silent and comments always used the term "the author or the writer" and never you or by name 2) each person in order answered the question: when you think about this work, what's the first idea, or the image, that pops into your mind? 3) each person briefly described their favorite part of the work and if it's the same as previously mentioned, pick your second favorite, i.e., no repeats 4) each person described the section of the work that they'd recommend the writer look at again and for what reason 5) at the finish the author could speak and advised not to defend but to comment. It worked wonders.

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