Comment to 'What's the elevator pitch for your WIP?'
  • Off the top of my head and not being sure if my kid’s book is in the same league as all your epic novels:

    A family discover a magical portal to the past. They learn how the past can shape the future and that kindness is the strongest magic of all.

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    • Rick is right, Kate. Focus on the struggle and hint at a solution. In my version, is so far as it's valid at all without knowing the story, I've explained some of the nuts and bolts of a story without mentioning the most important thing - the struggle. 

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      • Hi Kate, Thanks for being brave for all us children book writers and jumping in the deep end! I love this: kindness is the strongest magic of all  

        It sounds like the heart of your story/theme and it's great. 

        For your pitch, try this formula: [name of main character] must [action/plot] in order to [reach desired solution]. What does your main character want and what's stopping him from getting it? 

        You might not get the perfect elevator pitch from this formula, but it will help you write and structure your story/plot better. At least that's what I got from writing mine. Mine is way too long, but I used it as a tool to help me see where I needed to go with the story. Here's mine:

        Desperate to have a family of her own, the orphan chicken Seed abandoned her best friend and ran away. Now her eggs are missing and she has no one. On a quest to find her eggs and win back her friend, she must first come to terms with the true meaning of family.

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        • Thanks Julie. I think that describes Seed’s adventures pretty well. I always struggle with how to apply the principles to kids’ stories. If you are aiming at 7 year olds it needs to be a bit more straight forward than an epic adult’s murder mystery or world domination or whatever. But I guess the general principle is true about the journey and the overcoming of obstacles to achieve the final result. 

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