Comment to 'What's the elevator pitch for your WIP?'
  • This version offers more plot and backstory detail, but this pitch doesn't tell me what the DILEMMA is for the MC. And the the last 2 sentences just create confusion for me, because basically I'm reading it as, "It could be this, or it could be that, but hmmmm, your guess is as good as mine". Too vague, in other words.

    Which camp would label Adelais as a witch? And which camp would label her an angel? Which camp does she identify with/come from? (And is this the source of the story's dilemma in any way?)

    How about something like this:

    Adelais van Vries is either an angel or witch - depends who's asking. What matters to her now is ________ OR Now she has to overcome _____ if she is to [reference to resolution/goal].

    Will that work?

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    • More good input. Thanks so much. Back to the drawing board...

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