Comment to 'Elevator pitch competition last night -- confusion. Jericho, what happened?'
  • Yes, I found it confusing too. I think what I took away was: an elevator pitch still has to be about 20 words in length, or less, maximum of 3 sentences. The agents were advising how to cut down on the number of words in the entries chosen. Perhaps they were chosen on the criteria that they liked their ideas better than ours? Who knows? Maybe we cut out the stuff that would have grabbed them? I'm feeling quite despondent today, as having taken Harry's advice from his brilliant webinar earlier this year, it seems we did a lot of work that we needn't have done for this particular competition. Now I wonder, does that mean my idea is rubbish, although my fellow self-edit course colleagues, now beta readers love my WIP? Anyway, onwards and upwards, not giving up just because of one competition. Be interesting to see if Harry mentions it in his newsletter on Friday. But well done to those selected, and to the winner.

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