Comment to 'Elevator pitch competition last night -- confusion. Jericho, what happened?'
  • Thank you for the clarification regarding the competitive aspect of the event, it makes perfect sense now. And many congratulations to the author who had a full request.

    I love the live feedback events and it is very brave of writers to submit to these, I fully understand why agents are more gentler in their feedback yet point out areas for improvement. It's not a public hanging event nor should it ever be a set up for ridicule and humiliation. Apart from the writer's own self esteem there is the agents reputation and sense of humanity too. 

    Please do continue these as they are an insightful and fascinating watch. However perhaps it is best to see these sessions more as enlightening rather than instructional. 

    Happy New Year to all.

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    • Thanks Caron, happy new year! x

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