Comment to 'How to use your Community'
  • Thanks Rick. That, kinda, makes sense.
    Of course, notification of replies is also broken, and gives no clue what the reply is to. I had to hunt to find this thread again :(
    I'm a professional software developer with time on my hands at the moment. Do you think JerichoWriters want any help with this?

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    • The broken replies are a known issue with UNA, the underlying platform, which will be fixed in the next update. This one (and my pervious) should have a little back-arrow above my name, which would take you to the containing thread (top-level replies don't - that's a pain).

      As for help, not with the underlying platform. For the custom enhancements, that would depend on your familiarity with UNA. If you know it, reach out to Holly Seddon .

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