Comment to 'Sol: A YA Novel looking for a critique '
  • Hi Pamela

    As L said, congratulations on finishing your first novel. It's a great achievement in itself. I'm also going to agree with her excellent feedback.

    I read a lot of and (attempt) to write YA. You're dealing with short attention spans so need to grab the reader right way.

    What you've done in these two chapters is very common in first drafts. You've created what is sometimes called scaffolding. It's all the information you need to know as the writer because you need to be intimate with every detail of your character's life. But the reader doesn't need to know as much, and certainly not in a big information drop at the beginning of the book. Relevant information can be woven in around the action.

    L recommended Emma Darwin's excellent blogs, and here's one about scaffolding:

    You may find that your actual story doesn't start until chapter 3 and these early parts need chopping. I would suggest you start with your character in action. Give us a scene in which your character is doing something, and through her actions you can show us how different she is.

    I hope that's helpful. Where to start a novel is always a tricky decision. I look forward to reading some more in the future.

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