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  • HI Pamela

    I echo all of the above about getting your first draft drafted and a huge achievement well done. I read the chapter and can't add much to what's already been said, so I thought I'd focus on the elevator pitch - which is more of a short synopsis than an elevator pitch. Elevator pitches are normally between 20-30 words yours is 140, so work needed, but I'm sure you'll get there in the second or third draft but a few pointers. 

    I didn't know/don't know what a Fae is, so neither will an agent maybe? I had to google it and I'm quite well read. If you're going to have this in your elevator pitch you might need to waste a few words explaining what Fae's are. I'm originally from Glasgow, via Newcastle/London/leeds & Edinburgh but in Glasgow fae is where someone's from 'I'm fae Easterhouse' LOL!!

    Anyway, I'm sure you'll get there with the elevator pitch in time, and good luck with it all I like the premise.

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    • Ha! I see why that could be confusing :)  I have never written an "elevator" pitch before, so thank you for the feedback.  I tried writing a synopsis as well....but I think I'm a page and a half too long haha.  Someone needs to bang the word "concise" into my head. 



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