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  • Thanks Geoffrey, it's difficult to gauge it. Not over-selling it, but at the same time placing it firmly in a genre. If I'm firmly with Ben Aaronovitch, Tom Holt and Mark Hayden in terms of world and tone, I think. I may try going for something like that. 

    Do you mind me asking how you pitched your manuscript? I'm very interested to see how other people have worded theirs.

    Thank you your input, it's extremely helpful.

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    • Hi Rose, as you requested, here's the pitch for Draca. There was a longer synopsis and an author bio that went with it. Hope this helps.


      Jack's an ex-Marine; a war hero, haunted by his past. Or is he just haunted?


      Draca is a crossover novel between literary fiction and subtle horror; more Susan Hill than Stephen King. 

      Jack Ahlquist finds a new purpose in life when he inherits his grandfather’s vintage sailing boat, the Draca. But like his grandfather, Jack soon finds a wild exhilaration in stormy seas, danger, and alcohol. Combat stress, people sigh, as ‘purpose’ becomes ‘obsession’.

      Jack’s sailing friend ‘George’ Fenton disagrees. She senses a malevolence not in Jack, but within Draca itself; she fears obsession has become possession, and the boat owns the man. As George tries to halt Jack’s slide towards self-destruction, his controlling and disinherited father pushes him ever closer to the edge. When the storm of the decade looms over the horizon, a cataclysmic confrontation seems inevitable between Jack, his father, and a boat with a dark and ancient history to fulfil.

      Every instinct tells her there will be no survivors.

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