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  • Hi Rose, as you requested, here's the pitch for Draca. There was a longer synopsis and an author bio that went with it. Hope this helps.


    Jack's an ex-Marine; a war hero, haunted by his past. Or is he just haunted?


    Draca is a crossover novel between literary fiction and subtle horror; more Susan Hill than Stephen King. 

    Jack Ahlquist finds a new purpose in life when he inherits his grandfather’s vintage sailing boat, the Draca. But like his grandfather, Jack soon finds a wild exhilaration in stormy seas, danger, and alcohol. Combat stress, people sigh, as ‘purpose’ becomes ‘obsession’.

    Jack’s sailing friend ‘George’ Fenton disagrees. She senses a malevolence not in Jack, but within Draca itself; she fears obsession has become possession, and the boat owns the man. As George tries to halt Jack’s slide towards self-destruction, his controlling and disinherited father pushes him ever closer to the edge. When the storm of the decade looms over the horizon, a cataclysmic confrontation seems inevitable between Jack, his father, and a boat with a dark and ancient history to fulfil.

    Every instinct tells her there will be no survivors.

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