Comment to 'A new query for feedback'
  • Thanks for the feedback.  As for the grammar, doesn't will not work because I'm referring to both 'prejudice and fear.'  If you break up the contraction, your version would read "prejudice and fear does not exist' whereas it reads 'prejudice and fear do not exist' in the above.'  See the difference?

    As for the full stop, I'm assuming you're referring to the line directly following 'You're a monster.'  If so, these three portions of the sentence can't be separated by a full stop as each is dependent on the previous.  The Cloud caused the memory loss and the body mutation.

    I do agree that there are questions that are left needing clarification.  That's the driving force behind the query.  The answers are ready and waiting to be found inside the writing chunk provided with (or requested because of) the query.

    Again, thanks for the feedback.

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