Comment to 'A new query for feedback'
  • Thanks.  I've gotten the query and synopsis written.  I'm letting them stew for a bit (since I'm making slow-cooker beef stew for dinner) before tackling them with a full rewrite (using feedback from here).  I'm working with the Agent Match on JW though there's a few out of date.  It helping me create a short list.  I'll be reviewing each agent over the next week to see how likely they are to be a match.  You're right, it's a crap shoot but I've already racked up 5 delivered rejections (one with a typo and one telling me I wasn't Stephen King because I submitted a horror query for a 200k book) and 9 'silent' rejections.  Each one stings but now that I have a story worth submitting, I'm ready to go at it again.

    Thanks for the encouragement.  Every little bit helps.

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