Comment to 'Webinar Woe'
Comment to Webinar Woe
  • I see both sides, here. I do understand your frustration, Blakeney, especially if your hope was to get some feedback on something specific. There are just so many people taking part and it must be so easy to go off on tangents with a live webinar.

    I think watching them in replay is a good idea but I think that feature is only available for members - is that right?

    Maybe there are just too many people taking part? Should they put a cap on numbers?

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    • Thank you, Lynn.  Yes, I think you're right about the recorded webinars.  It would certainly be a bit less frustrating to watch them, since your hopes wouldn't be raised.

      You've made a constructive suggestion.  Perhaps that's something that can be looked at.  After all, there must be other people who feel as I do.

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