Comment to 'Webinar Woe'
Comment to Webinar Woe
  • Hi Blakeney - yes, I thought we'd spend more time picking up people's specific commitments, but one of the virtues / pitfalls of these group chat sessions is that the conversation does take a somewhat random path ... although one that tends to be led by the comments / questions arising in the chat. And personally, I do think that randomness has its merits. I actually learned some stuff from that webinar that I hadn't expected to.

    I'd say when we have a single presenter and a specific topic (eg: Harry Bingham on Self Editing) then you know exactly what you're going to get and we stick pretty rigorously to the script. When you have a group session that's very much about interaction with the wider group, the definition will get a bit fuzzier.

    Oh yes, and I don't know whether this means anything - but we all had a great time! Hopefully that contributes to a sense of energy and possibility ...

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    • Thank you, Harry.  It may be that a single presenter event would be more enlightening, although no less frustrating when it comes to receiving answers.  I'll keep my eyes peeled for recorded webinars.

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