Comment to 'Announcing a new group "Erotic Literature Writers"'
  • Sounds like it's right up my street. I've written erotic literature in the form of short stories for a while now, and posted them up on a site in the States that specialises in such things. To find a site closer to home where I can post my rude writings may be a bonus or a curse, whichever you may think appropriate, but I'll be happy to post up one or more of my previous works to see what kind of feedback I get. 

    I realise it's putting my head above the parapet, but I'm a big boy now, so feel able to bat away the sticks and stones of forum approbrium if such brickbats start heading my way. 

    My next question is, where to post up any of my stories? Do I just post them here as replies to the announcment of the new forum? If not then please direct me to where they should go, and I'll upload a few of my more salacious tales.

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    • Hi Bob, and welcome! You can post sexy stories in Erotic Literature Writers. I just approved your membership. In brief, the site other than the aforementioned group is PG-13. Stuff posted in Erotic Literature Writers can get much more explicit subject to the rules posted at the top of the group. If you have any question about whether material is okay, you can PM me.

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