Comment to 'Agent 1-2-1 question'
  • Thanks Caron, all excellent points, thank you. I was going to query her anyway, yet when I saw her name pop up for the 1-2-1, I jumped at the chance. I don't know if she'd be interested in my MS anyway, however she is SFF, so her feedback will be important anyway, regardless.

    So yeah, probably full version, then, as it's feedback that I've booked her time for. She's tell me if she's interested anyway, I guess (again, no delusions, I know it's gonna be a long, tough process).

    Thank you!

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    • When she phones just say, I know the query letter isn't in the manner you prefer it but I thought it would be good to get general feedback for other agents. I already have my letter perfected for you. 

      (But dont talk a lot - let her do the talking - it goes fast)

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      • Marvellous, thank you so much!!

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