Comment to 'Agent 1-2-1 question'
  • Thanks Lynn, that's exciting, congratulations!

    My 1-2-1 isn't until April sadly, so I think I may start sending out one or two queries, and just see if there is any love. 

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    • Thanks Danny. I emailed him Monday to let him know about the pitmad likes I had from publishers but no reply yet. 

      How long do you give it before you're sure you're being ghosted? 😂

      Trying not to be too down about it and I know he was inundated as a friend had a121 with him last month.

      What can you do. Oh, yeah, you can be sensible and self publish.. . 😊

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      • My experience with agents has not been good as you know LOL - I reckon another 2 weeks maybe, then send him an email saying that you're thinking of contacting other agents again as you can't wait forever. It'll either hurry him up or he'll drop you, but either way at least you'd be able to move on!

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        • Hi Lynn, sorry for not keeping up with this, I knew you'd had a full requested. Did they give you any indication of when they would get back to you? Sorry if that's a silly question. I fully expect that agents are busy, but if they've especially asked for something, you'd think it would be quicker than the original submission time. I haven't heard back from my agent request yet (six weeks ago) but I am assured that this is quite normal. Nevertheless, it makes you wonder, what next? Start new book, re-submit to other people on your s/list or get a MS assessment....

          Keeping my fingers crossed for you. 

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