Comment to 'The days that say no'
  • I am new to the site and therefore reading old posts and this one - a year ago tomorrow, caught my eye. One other strategy you might try, in addition to good wine and whisky, in my case, is to pull out the praise and bathe in it. Constructive criticism is fine, though not always! but lashings of love you is even better for getting your fingers moving. Here is some adoration  i received yesterday from the 11 year old son of my sister's plumber who she asked to review some of my children's books. He has given me feedback on 4 so far  and this is the latest. Swirl this around in a glass and feel the warmth reach right down to your creative bits!

    Review of The Last Crab in The World

    Dear DJ Hall

    Thank you very much for your new book I enjoyed reading this book here is my review I hope it helps.


    Everything it was a great book I really enjoyed I would read it again keep make these books and then it will definitely get published please keep making these wonderful books.



    From Michael

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