Comment to 'The days that say no'
  • Hi Harry,

    I suspect I'm having a 'NO month'. Is that a problem?

    I've had my second book plotted (fairly roughly for a plotter, extremely detailed for a pantser) and researched for several weeks now and keep on finding excuses to not start it. I don't just waste time, I do all the other stuff I think will help (check out writing tips, read other books in the genre, browse writers' blogs, write short stories, research writing festivals, come to the Jericho forum, etc.). I fear it's because my first manuscript is out with agents and I'm gradually getting rejections back in dribs and drabs. It's not that this makes me want to give up, it's more that I think I might have to go back to manuscript 1 and do something genius to it to make it irresistible. I think this anticipation and the knowledge that changing something so radically would be a nightmare, is causing a block on the starting of project 2.

    How can I let go of M1 to allow myself to get creative with M2? Have you experienced this kind of urge/need to have one project completed (in this case accepted) before starting the next?

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    • Yeah - that kind of thing is definitely part of the pro author's life. I'v experienced that kind of issue a million times, and so have most other pros. You just live, learn... and drink gin

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      • I've just joined this group and now know, reading some posts, it's going to provide endless hours of distraction and entertainment (read: procrastination). I'm currently grappling with the same issue. . . hope you got through your block. Midday on Wednesday. Is it too early for gin? 

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