Comment to 'WRITING with PURPOSE'
  • I've learnt now to begin with a premise, my current WIP premise is - self-entitlement leads to self-destruction and a quote from Beowulf feeds into this - 'Death is better than existence of disgrace.' - these premises belong to my antagonist and having them drives my plot because I know his beginning (self-entitlement) and his end (self-destruction) and his why (death trumps disgrace). So far, this is working for me...

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    • Interesting.

      I've usually heard that it is best for a premise to be asked as an open question, rather than the final conclusion. The theory is that a predefined conclusion makes the work more likely to come across as preachy, whereas an open question allows all characters - protagonists, antagonists, other - to explore a wider array of permutations around the premise.

      I'm not saying you will fall into that trap, only that it is a risk.

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