Comment to 'Fractals, scenes and the bones of the fallen'
  • Damn my eyes and boil my boots, what a lovely expression.  I'm dying for a chance to use it!

    On the rather more serious matter addressed by this email, as to whether our work adheres to, reflects a particular theme or not I see that I have much to work on.  This gloomy insight comes due to the fact that what I thought was the most evident theme of my book (cross-over genre, fantasy/school life) boy creates small fantasy friend to make up for all the friends he has lost in sudden family move, appears to be not at all evident to assessors, although most enjoy the humour and find the little creature engaging (it's written mostly from the fantasy creature's POV). 

    Can't entirely agree with Vincent that stories are driven by the way they are written. Obviously a well written story is better than a poorly written one but if the story's no good then no matter how good the writing you probably won't recommend it to a friend. 

    So damn my eyes and boil my boots, back to the laptop!  

    Thanks for the insight though and I sincerely hope the thousand lucky ones who profited from the freebie convert to full membership to keep the good ship Jericho Writers afloat.!  We need you.

    Glad to hear the family are all well  

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