Comment to 'Fractals, scenes and the bones of the fallen'
  • I can report that same subconscious inclusion of theme. (At least it feels like it as I'm writing.)

    Though I'll go a step further. There are several elements I bring to a scene. One is the overall theme of the work in progress. But others are keywords pertaining to the PoV character's psychological profile. And their individual angle on the master theme.

    It's quite amazing how, just throwing words down on a page having glanced at the signposts of "extensions on believed identity resulting from relationships", "Pollyanna-moving-to-paranoid", and "entitelment (to love and money/power)" can produce something that captures the soul of a character and her experience…

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    • That's a nice idea - holding some keywords in mind at the start, and then kinda ignoring them. You get the rigour and the freshness. Sweet.

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