Comment to 'New York Gets Daunted'
  • Good news. I hope B&N survives. When I was a kid, my grandparents used to take me to their local Barnes & Noble all the time. Fond memories. The stores have really gone downhill over the years, turning more commercial and impersonal ... also kind of messy and dirty, like the staff don't care enough to clean the store spaces or put the inventory in order. I hope this move revives them.  

    As much as I prefer print, I gotta say that e-readers are a lifesaver for book-lovers with disabilities. A chronic health issue means my hands don't function the way they used to, so it's a lot easier to use a light-weight e-reader and just tap the screen to turn the pages. When I'm buying books as gifts for friends and family, though, nothing beats a beautiful print book. 

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