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  • Good morning Harry.  I would appreciate your comments on my upcoming book title Thanks,  Alan Drwm

    A girl who is the product of two races, meets a girl who is the product of two species.

    TOKEN STONE, The Girl in the Cage, is the first book in a trilogy about a cursed child.  It is set among the warring tribes of north Wales and Ireland at the end of the stone age.

    A disfigured baby girl, the result of an illicit union between the leaders of two opposing tribes, is born on a foreign shore.  Her father has already been murdered, and her mother dies in childbirth. The only clue to her identity, and her inheritance as chieftain of both tribes, is the token stone around her neck.

    There are those who are determined that this inheritance should not be claimed. All they have to do is find her.

    The community into which she has been born regards her as a curse. As a consequence she spends the next five years bound in a cage. When the cage is finally broken open a banshee emerges, more animal than human. Things begin to change when something that looks similar to a twelve-year-old girl comes out of the caves of the White Mountain and rescues her. What the banshee doesn’t know is that her new friend is already over a thousand years old.

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    • Hi, l'm new here today. Just wanted to say that from your synopsis your book sounds like something l would love to read, very intriguing. I think the title is fitting and wish you the best of luck.

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