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  • "Beyond"

    A fantasy novel about a 14 year old pirate boy who sees things that aren't there. He has a personal grudge against the captain of the pirate ship Adamantes, who is taking his crew to an unknown location. 

    As The Adamantes sets out on its journey, a man joins the crew. He befriends the pirate boy and gradually our young friend learns this new crew member only joined up because The Adamantes was sailing to Beyond, the land of the dead.

    Together they find out that the captain needs the boy to enter Beyond because of the undiscovered magical abilities his father passed on to him. There are other secrets about his father that the boy must learn in order to stop his enemy, the pirate captain, from gaining immortality in Beyond.

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    • "The Money Masquerade."

      The third installment of my "Masks" trilogy, an edgy political thriller juxtaposed against the beautiful setting of the San Francisco Bay Area. Caryssa Flynn and friends have narrowly escaped a mass shooting in a sleepy, upscale cafe overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge.

      But for Caryssa, it's not herself she is concerned about. The haunted, striking grey eyes of the boy who carried out the shooting, and x-marine, had locked with hers just prior to the tragedy, and it is him she feels empathy for... She recognized what America's perpetual war economy has imposed upon the kid.

      Caryssa long ago warned Silicon Valley millionaire Sean Coleman to get out of military contracts. After high-level intelligence officials linked to the U.S. President nearly kill him for his technology and trade secrets, he listens, but is it too late? In The Money Masquerade, the proverbial "bad guys" are those least likely to be suspected. 

      I'm new to the community, but not to writing. I started writing this anti-war "Silicon Valley" trilogy in 2008. The first two novels are self-published and being distributed globally, including the brick & mortar shelves of Barnes & Noble, the USA's largest bookstore. I've completed the manuscript for the third novel, and am polishing it in a weekly writers circle for publication. My goal is to find a traditional publishing home for my trilogy, to increase my commercial sales. Seems the Money Masquerade took over my novels, with Amazon making more money than I!

      Based on real-life issues, my novels are in a sense "fictionalized memoir" in that I am the protagonist, that woman who grew the corporate ladder in Silicon Valley before becoming a mother, then the world changed before her eyes.

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