Comment to 'Writing during the Covid Pandemic'
  • Dear Gloria,

    From your Post above:  "...So why don't I feel motivated?..."

    Answer:  Because of the question.

    Say what?

    Yep, we are affected by what we say (or ask).

    If you can ask a different question, perhaps something like this:  "...What can I do to feel motivated?..."

    Say huh?

    Yep, this new question causes your brain to come up with answers, it's one of the things it does well.



    P.S.  It's so easy to dish out medicine!  I'm going to take some of this myself.

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    • Thanks, Chris. I laughed when I read your response because that is exactly what I would normally say in response to someone who asked the same question as me. My ethos has always been to try to turn negatives into positives, and you've just done that very thing. So here I am, taking some of my own medicine just like you say you are going to do. You've been a great help and I am truly grateful.

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